I used to see the computer repair signs all around town with the phone # on them and I decided to give CompOnLine.net a try after having gone to the store. I was having trouble with my computer. The owner came to my house and spent a couple of hours there doing his magic and when he left my computer worked fine. About a year later, I had trouble with my computer again. I couldn't connect to the internet. He came to my house again and determined it was a problem with my computer itself. He took the processor to the store to work on it since it would save me money instead of him doing all the work at my home. Later that day he came back to my house with a totally repaired computer. It works like a dream, better than when it was new. He's a terrific technician who knows his stuff and to boot, he's honest, direct and a pleasure to deal with.
I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Doris Brown, Commack, NY