I want to thank you for the wonderful service I received from you on the number of occasions I needed your help. My first experience was when I needed an adapter cable converting a normal power supply output to serial ATA.
I searched many computer stores, Best Buys and Radio Shack and was unsuccessful. But, you, my last stop, had the cable.
When I need to fix my grandson’s computer, you then became my first stop. You were fast and inexpensive. This time when I needed a special 3D-Video card for my wife’s computer, you again were my first stop. The card you installed made her very happy. I have children who fix computers. They questioned my going to you and not waiting for them. My response was: I can get it done now, inexpensively and quickly.
The attached picture is your sign on my front lawn.
Thank you, again

Pat Stramandinoli, Commack, NY