What do you do when you find someone who is both knowledgeable and honest? Well, for me I try to get the word out. Today, New Years Eve day, I brought my new Asus Desktop to Natan, of Componline Computer Repair in Commack, I violated the warranty by opening the unit and installing several hard drives and some memory. When I tried to run the machine I got nothing - it appeared dead. I was expecting to leave the desktop, pay a hefty estimation fee and return several days (weeks?) later to claim my PC and pay an even heftier repair fee. Natan put my unit on his workbench and after half an hour of diagnosis and adjustments got my machine working again. He allowed me to stay and watch and explained to me each step of the way what he was doing. Blown away? You bet! But here is the clincher - Natan charged me LESS that what I would spend on lunch! And he guarantees his work. I thought all repair guys were not afraid to push the envelope and charge for things left and right - and what would I know? Well, I have several more desktops that aren't working and I am bringing them to Natan after the first of the year. If you have any problems, I strongly recommend Componline Computer Repair. I am going to try to post this as well on his website along with my phone number in case you have questions or want a verbal recommendation.

Dov Feder, Dix Hills, NY