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How to Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal

With these five tips, you'll find the perfect place for your router and enjoy better service Location, location, location—that adage definitely applies when it comes to coaxing stronger Wi-Fi from your router. In fact, all those things that make your home, well, a house—doors, walls, windows—are impediments for Wi-Fi signals. Here are a few router…
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Apple sells record 13 million iPhones in first weekend for 6S, 6S Plus

The iPhone phenomenon endures. Apple said Monday it sold 13 million iPhone 6S and 6S Plus units from Friday through Sunday,the first three days of sales. The tally represents a record for Apple, which sold 10 million iPhones over the same period a year ago when the previous models hit stores. This weekend's sales continue…
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Email scam hits corporate computers – Commack Computer Repair

The FBI has recently issued a renewed warning about what it calls the Business Email Compromise, a scam being used against companies that use wire transfers for payments of bills of foreign suppliers. Like so many scams and security breaches, from that of Target to the recently discovered data breach at the Office of Personnel…
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Windows 10 is here. And you can get it for free.

It's free You’ll have a free, full version of Windows 10 -- not a trial or a lite version -- if you complete your upgrade before July 29, 2016. It's familiar and easy The Start menu is back and improved so you get quick access to your favorite things. Your files will be preserved and…
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